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Egwss Factory stands out as a premier manufacturer of UPVC plastic pipes in Egypt, backed by glowing endorsements from satisfied customers who attest to its unmatched blend of top-notch quality and competitive pricing. These pipes are indispensable for conveying potable and irrigation water, boasting impeccable safety standards validated through rigorous testing and analysis at every production phase. This ensures that the product meets all requisite standards and regulations, guaranteeing peace of mind for users.

Additionally, these pipes are suitable for sanitation applications due to their chloride resistance, which impedes liquid movement within the pipes. Moreover, their lightweight construction and ease of installation make them highly convenient. Featuring a smooth inner surface, they deter fungal growth and salt deposition, while promoting optimal liquid flow.

upvc pipe manufacturing companies

upvc pipe manufacturing companies

UPVC pipe production stages

UPVC pipe production undergoes a meticulously planned series of stages, outlined as follows:

  • Raw material preparation and precise additive weighing.
  • Mixing samples with additives.
  • Withdrawal of the mixed material.
  • Introduction of the mixed material onto the escrow, marking the initial phase of actual manufacturing.
  • Introduction of the plastic material into the pressure area to compress the material particles together.
  • Material extraction from the mold, with size control managed by the mold.
  • Immersion of tubes into the vacuum bath.
  • Passage of the pipe onto the towing tractor.
  • Printing of the pipe to the required size for production.
  • Feeding of the pipe onto the cutting and sanding saw.

Egwss Factory’s products stand out for their adherence to specifications, positioning it as one of the largest UPVC plastic pipe manufacturers in Egypt and the Middle East. Egwss operational efficiency is a puzzle that sets it apart from competitors in the industry, earning it recognition and distinction.

The factory provides a premium product crafted from imported raw materials and meticulously tested, yet its pricing remains remarkably fair and balanced. This stems from the factory’s core objective and motto, which prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Consequently, the customer base and network of distributors steadily expand, further enhancing the factory’s reputation and standing in the market.

Upvc pipes factories

Upvc pipes factories


UPVC pipe suppliers in egypt

When seeking out the leading suppliers of UPVC pipes in Egypt, Egwss Factory undoubtedly comes to mind. Specializing in a comprehensive range of pipes, including UPVC plastic pipes, Egwss Factory offers unparalleled quality at competitive prices.

These pipes boast high durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability. Featuring a smooth inner surface and excellent chemical resistance, they are suitable for various applications across commercial, industrial, and educational sectors.

Additionally, Egwss Factory supplies UPVC pipe fittings and flexible pipes to cater to diverse needs within the local market. Proud of its legacy as a forward-thinking contributor to the construction industry, the factory remains dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for the future.