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The Egwss factory is considered one of the largest drinking water pipe factories in Egypt. The factory specializes in producing a variety of plastic pipes for drinking water and wastewater systems. Pipes are manufactured in different sizes and materials according to various needs and uses. They are supplied in multiple diameters and from a variety of materials to suit the specific needs of the project. The factory also provides delivery service to the work site in various lengths, to be cut, bent and used in the construction of water distribution networks or sewage networks based on the technical requirements and specific specifications of the project.

Drinking water pipe factories

Egwss factory pipes are characterized by durability, long service life, and economical costs. The manufacturer pays special attention to protecting the internal and external surfaces of drinking water pipes, protecting them from corrosion and damage over time. Among the main types of pipes manufactured by the Egwss factory are:

UPVC plastic pipes

The Egwss factory is considered a producer of the best types of drinking water pipes in Egypt, and among these distinctive types, UPVC pipes occupy a prominent position. These pipes have many advantages, they are easy to install and transport, and their ability to withstand shocks. Thanks to its flexibility, UPVC pipes adapt to soil movements, increasing their resistance to breakage. Not only that, its smooth inner surface prevents the accumulation of fungi and salts, which helps liquids flow quickly. Another important aspect is that its installation cost is low compared to other options, making it the most economical choice. It has a long lifespan, reaching more than fifty years, making it a reliable and sustainable investment for the future.

PVC plastic pipes

PVC plastic pipes are an ideal choice for transporting drinking water due to their wide range of advantages. These features include strength and durability that make it reliable and safe for transporting water. In addition, their low cost makes them an excellent economical choice for water supply systems. It also highlights its excellent environmental performance, as it does not rust or corrode over time, ensuring the continuity of its quality and the purity of the water it transports.

Therefore, if you are looking for PVC pipes and fittings companies in Egypt, Egwss is considered one of the best specialists in this field. Egwss has an excellent reputation and deep experience in the manufacture of plastic pipes and fittings

Drinking water pipes.

PPR pipes

The PPR pipes produced by the Egwss. factory are distinguished by their high quality due to their use of the finest materials in the manufacturing process. These pipes are widely used in a variety of residential and industrial applications, including hot and cold water supply systems, water softeners and plumbing. It is characterized by its resistance to acids and chemicals, in addition to withstanding high temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius. It is also non-conductive to heat and electricity, making it completely safe for use in delivering drinking water to humans.

Therefore, the Egwss. factory is considered one of the largest polypropylene plastic pipe factories in Egypt, as the factory has a very great reputation in this field, and its prices are considered very reasonable.

ppr pipes


Why is the Egwss factory considered one of the largest pipe factories in Egypt?

The Egwss factory is recognized as one of the largest pipe factories in Egypt for several reasons:

Quality Products: The factory produces high-quality UPVC plastic pipes that meet rigorous standards and are well-regarded for their durability and performance.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Egwss prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring that their products meet the needs and expectations of their clientele. This commitment to customer service has helped them build a strong reputation in the market.
  • Range of Offerings: Egwss offers a diverse range of pipe products, catering to various applications such as water transportation, sanitation, and irrigation. This extensive product line contributes to their status as a major player in the industry.
  • Production Capacity: The factory has a large-scale production capacity, allowing them to fulfill orders efficiently and meet the demands of their customers on a consistent basis.
  • Market Presence: Egwss has established a strong presence in the Egyptian market and beyond, with their pipes being widely used in construction projects and infrastructure development initiatives across the country.

Overall, the combination of quality products, customer focus, diverse offerings, production capacity, and market presence solidifies Egwss’ position as one of the largest pipe factories in Egypt.