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The Egwss factory is considered one of the largest PPH pipe factories in Egypt, and has an excellent reputation in this field. The factory has long and distinguished experience in producing plastic pipes of all types. In this context, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of PPH pipes, as we will review the specifications, uses, and unique features of this type of pipe.

PPH is manufactured from a continuous series of polypropylene units, which are characterized by their high rigidity and mechanical strength, as well as their strong tensile resistance. PPH is now used in the pipe industry, and the Egwss factory manufactures PPH pipes according to approved standards and guidelines, using the best raw materials available. As a result, the pipes are highly durable and resilient.

Egos also offers a wide range of PPR pipes and fittings. This set includes PPR pipes of various diameters and their compatible PPR fittings.

pph pipes

pph pipes

Features of PPH pipes

Features of PPH pipes include:

  • Resistant to harsh climate changes.
  • Free from toxic substances.
  • High heat resistance.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Withstand high pressure.
  • Excellent flexibility.
  • Smooth inner surface.
  • Excellent insulating properties.
  • Light weight, which facilitates transportation and installation.
  • Installation speed.
  • Fit for cold and hot water systems.
  • High melting ability.
  • Resistant to crack development.
  • High durability.
  • High impact.
  • Low density.

Uses of PPH pipes

Uses of PPH pipes provided by Egwss include:

  • Water and wastewater transportation: PPH pipes are widely used in the transportation of fresh and treated water, and in sewage systems to ensure a smooth and safe flow of liquids.
  • Chemical Industries: Thanks to their resistance to chemical corrosion, PPH pipes are an excellent choice for transporting chemicals and industrial liquids safely and efficiently.
  • High Temperature Applications: PPH pipes are the ideal choice for transporting fluids in high temperature environments, such as hot water circulation systems, ensuring their safe and effective use in these conditions.
pph pipe factories

pph pipe factories

PPH pipe prices in Egypt

Egwss is the ideal choice when it comes to getting the best prices for PPH pipes. The company is distinguished by providing competitive prices for PPH pipes without compromising on the quality of the products. By investing in efficient production processes and advanced technology, Egwss seeks to achieve the best value for its customers. With its good reputation and dedication to meeting the needs of the market, Egwss ensures that its customers receive PPH pipes at the best prices without compromising on quality and reliability.

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PPH pipes factory in egypt

PPH pipes factory in egypt

The largest PPH pipes factories in Egypt

Among the best PPH pipe factories in Egypt, the Egos factory is ranked at the top for several reasons:

  • Resistance to electrical current: Since polypropylene does not conduct electricity, the chances of holes in the pipes due to electrical current are almost non-existent.
  • Ease of installation: The pipes are lightweight, which makes installation easy. Therefore, dealing with Egos is considered the best option to obtain long experience in the field and guaranteed quality.
  • Prompt delivery: The factory is committed to on-time delivery, ensuring no delays in the dates agreed upon with customers.
  • Providing pipes of different diameters: The factory offers a wide variety of pipes of multiple diameters, which meets the diverse needs of customers.
  • Very affordable prices: The factory provides competitive prices that make it an acceptable choice for customers.
  • Good reputation and great experience: The factory has a good reputation in the market and extensive experience in the field of manufacturing PPH pipes.

Considering these reasons, dealing with Egwss factory is the best option to obtain high quality PPH pipes at the best prices and with immediate delivery. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the distinguished services provided by the factory.